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Not only did UVA’s founder, Thomas Jefferson, advocate for independence from Britain, but also and coincidentally for independent thinking. The Jefferson Independent is a newspaper for UVA students, by UVA conservatives, about UVA student culture, and driven by a passion to represent UVA’s conservative community. Through well-analyzed and well-sourced commentary and news, we will uphold the pillars of academic integrity, excellence, and freedom – all while honoring the legacy and exceptionalism of our university’s founder and our country’s founding. In providing an outlet for intellectual diversity, objective truth, and the marketplace of ideas and debate, our goal is to mainstream conservatism amid an increasingly anti-UVA cultural hegemony. Our ideas and values will be unapologetically shared and challenged without fear of being ‘canceled’. Never will we allow intimidation to silence us from upholding truth at Mr. Jefferson’s University.

At our publication, we believe conservatism and its ideals are worth sharing, debating, and defending. Whereas an informed citizenry is essential to a healthy democratic society, objective and truthful news coverage is paramount. To inform the UVA community, truth must not carry a narrative-driven agenda.